SCHUHMANN Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH office in Munich

SCHUHMANN Lawyers stands for consistent specialization and profound experience in the fields of law of succession and taxation as well as property and company succession. As specialized lawyers for succession and taxation law, we give you our undivided support on all matters of property succession.

If you have any questions regarding donating, inheriting and bequeathing, or if you are looking for the tax-optimized organization of an assets or business transfer: Talk to us!

Your lawyers

Dr. Markus Schuhmann, Sandra Geisser, Julian Klinger, Katharina Sandhövel, Anton Löhmer, Alexandra Aigner, Kristine Zacher and Philipp Schlemmer


As usual, we are fully availiable for our clients. Appointments which have been planned and coordinated in the past, will be held as a phone call or a video conference. Please reach out to us in case of any further questions.

If you plan to consult us with regards to new projects, you can reach us by phone +49895906889-0 or E-Mail. We will respond to your request as soon as possible.

Fields of activity

As experienced lawyers and specialized lawyers for inheritance and tax law, we develop your succession solution together with you and support your decision results-oriented, cost-transparently and in a legally watertight manner.

We advise and guide you through the complex subject of inheritance law at the determination of your last will and consider possible compulsory portion claims as well as family, tax and company specifics. Your asset succession is structured and drafted by us as tax-optimized as possible and – as far as necessary – also with reference to international law.


  • Asset prevention and protection – succession planning
  • Drafting of tax-optimized wills and inheritance agreements
  • Donation and transfer agreements (anticipated successions)
  • Representation during inheritance disputes – in and out of court
  • Fending off and enforcing compulsory portion and legacy claims
  • Communities of hereditary disputes
  • Execution of national and international decedents’ estates
  • Execution of wills
  • Mediation in case of inheritance disputes

We advise, above all, in the fields of law for Ltd. and other private companies (OHG, KG, GmbH & Co. KG). We support our clients even before the foundation takes place and, if necessary, choose the appropriate legal form for transforming a company illustrating economic, legal and fiscal aspects.
After founding the company we expertly serve you regarding your ongoing issues under corporate law and advise you particularly in the case of company meetings, as well as when it comes to problems and disputes that may arise within the company. Moreover, we support our clients at the buying and selling of companies or participations. Here, we will develop solutions together with you which offer the best solution for the respective requirements and transactions, considering company and tax frameworks.

Company law

  • Company foundation, restructuring of those as well as support at company and share purchases, drafting of company agreements
  • Structuring and implementation of family-owned pools and companies
  • Consultation and support on matters of company succession with focus on family-owned companies
  • Establishment of foundations during lifetime and upon death
  • Advice and representation at company disputes
  • Mediation in case of company disputes

There is probably no other tax from which you can obtain greater tax savings than the inheritance and gift tax. However, significant additional taxes can be triggered if gifts take place and wills are made or changed without appropriate tax advice – or also simply nothing has been arranged beforehand. Within the framework of tax planning, we as experts/specialized lawyers in tax law, will analyze your asset situation in legal and tax terms and work out a tax-optimized structure for your asset and company transfer. We’ll happily take over the drawing up of inheritance and gift tax returns and represent you both in opposition and legal proceedings and in voluntary declarations.

Inheritance tax and donation tax law

  • Structuring of assets according to legal and taxation aspects
  • Advice on matters of tax-optimized assets transfer
  • Preparation of tax returns
  • Advice and representation at company disputes
  • Representation in courts law and tax offices

Together with you, we plan and create the economic future or exploitation of your real estate in the case of inheritance and for the transfer during a client’s lifetime by anticipated succession with all aspects of inheritance, company and tax law.
With timely planning and structuring of your asset succession, we support you in order to avoid disputes among the heirs and partition auctions. With the creation of usufruct reservation and reclaim rights, we protect you in the case of transfer during your lifetime.

Real estate law

  • Tax-optimized drafting of contracts to transfer real estate by means of anticipated succession
  • Drafting of usufruct reservation
  • Advice and representation at partition auctions and foreclosure sales
  • Advice and representation at company disputes
  • Advice and representation in the fields of manor succession law, farm transfers, farm organization and farm allocation processes